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Bronze Package

If you want a beautifully designed, professional looking website that features your text and pictures, the Bronze Package may be for you.

To our way of thinking, inexpensive does NOT mean "cheap." When you pay for our time, you are assured of always receiving our very best. The reason we can offer the Bronze package so economically, is that we realise some people have already done the legwork - planning their content, gathering images, writing copy- and they just need help on the technical side of things. That means the QUANTITY of work is reduced, but never the QUALITY.

Silver Package

If you need custom design and copywriting and want to make sure your website successfully reaches your target audience, the Silver Package is the way to go!

When you choose the Silver package, you receive a fully-personalised design service for your website, including copywriting. In addition, we carry out Search Engine optimisation and Business Directory Registration to ensure that your website can be found quickly and easily on the Internet.

Gold Package

If you need to frequently update your site, and you don't want to have to constantly rely on web designers to upload new text and images, the Gold package may be just what you need.

The Gold package includes all the quality components of the Silver package, but with an added layer of flexibility: Full Content Management. This allows you to update your website by logging in to a secure server and making the changes you require. It is ideal for companies that want to feature regular promotions or news items on their website.

platinum Package

If you are serious about harnessing the selling power of the Internet, and need an e-commerce solution, the Platinum package is the answer for you.

The Platinum Package is our top-of-the-line service for businesses that need highly sophisticated, interactive websites to reach their customers. This is where Webspeed stands head and shoulders above Web Designers who may not have the programming expertise to develop the web applications you need. This package is suitable for businesses that are using the Internet for Sales and Customer Management.

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